Why Virtual Desktop Streamers are better than desktop media players

Posted by Business Insider News Team in Technology,Technology,Tech-related,virtual desktops,virtual media source Reuters article Posted on Thursday, April 10, 2018 07:16:20The Virtual Desktop streamer from Vudu has been one of the top-selling virtual desktop streaming products since its launch in 2016.Vudus is the world’s leading virtual media player, but it is a bit outdated and not […]

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How to find your nearest Costco store

Costco and other large retailers are trying to keep customers happy, but sometimes customers don’t realize that they’re being spied on and are left disappointed, experts say.Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and other big box retailers have seen a rise in shoplifting over the past few years.But shoppers have been getting used to the idea […]

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How to make your own custom desktop wallpaper

Apple, Google and others have been releasing desktop wallpaper themes for years.But a new company called Snowberry is making the process easier and easier by offering desktop wallpaper templates for Apple devices.Apple’s wallpaper templates, released this week, include a wide variety of wallpapers for both desktop and mobile platforms.They’re meant to be easy to use, […]

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When Is the Next New Desktop PC Deal Coming?

This week’s new desktop PC deals are coming in.While we’re all excited to see what the new wave of gaming PCs will offer, we’re also excited to get a chance to test the new hardware for ourselves.We’re looking forward to checking out some of these new gaming laptops for ourselves this weekend, and for the […]

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How the Aussie can look as good as the best in the world

Aussie beauty standards are becoming a thing of the past.The Aussie Beauty Standards Institute is calling for more beauty standards and more transparency, and has launched a campaign to educate the public about what they are and why they are important.The Institute says the campaign, titled ‘Be Yourself, Be Smart’, is the first step towards […]

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