10 things you probably don’t know about Lenovo’s $1,399 convertible laptop

Lenovo is getting into the laptop world, announcing the latest in a long line of convertible laptops.

This one’s a bit of a throwback to the original ThinkPad, which started as a concept, with the original concept model selling for $999 in 2003.

It was a little more powerful than its modern cousin, but the design has changed a bit.

Today, the ThinkPad convertible is available in three configurations: a 5.6-inch version with an Intel Core i5 processor, a 6.3-inch model with a Core i7 processor, and a 7.5-inch laptop that comes with a 6-core Intel Core M processor.

For the uninitiated, Intel’s Core M processors are the fastest chips in laptops.

The 6-inch versions of the ThinkPads come with the same Intel Core m chips, but with 4GB of RAM instead of 8GB.

It’s an upgrade, but Lenovo is only shipping the 6- and 7-inch ThinkPad variants.

That’s still an upgrade over the 5.5 and 6-year-old ThinkPets that launched last year.

The convertible is still a solid value for the money, and Lenovo has even announced plans for a 15-inch convertible with an optional 15.6″ screen.

But the convertible is not a gaming machine, and that means it’s not suitable for a lot of gaming.

In this case, Lenovo isn’t actually targeting gaming at the convertible, but it does offer a gaming mode, called “GAMING mode.”

It works with all games that support the new, more powerful Intel HD graphics.

That means games that work on older hardware, like the ThinkPros and ThinkPods, can now run smoothly on the convertible.

Lenovo also offers a gaming feature called “Multi-display mode,” which lets you play on one or two screens.

That works the same way as “Split-screen mode,” but you can also run games on both displays simultaneously.

We’ll get to those in a moment.

For now, let’s get to the specs.

Lenovo’s convertible laptops come in three flavors: the base model with an integrated Intel Core e5-2630QM processor, the 6th generation Intel Core processor, or the 6.2- and 6.4-inch models.

The base model has a 13.3″ screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 1.8GHz Intel Core-Z processor, 16GB of storage, and up to 64GB of internal storage.

Lenovo offers up to 32GB of SSD storage for $1.99 per month, but that’s not the same storage as you get with the Thinkpad convertible.

The premium versions of Lenovo’s laptops come with up to a 128GB SSD for $9.99, up from the base price of $699.

Lenovo does not offer any optional extras like Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, or even USB Type-C ports, but those are built into the laptops.

That could be good news for some users.

But Lenovo has not released any specific benchmarks, so it’s hard to know what the convertible laptop will do, or how it will compare to the traditional laptop.

For a full rundown on what we know about the convertible laptops, check out our review.

Lenovo has also announced a new gaming-optimized ThinkPad line.

The company says the ThinkBook X1 Carbon has a “revolutionary gaming mode” that lets you “game in full 1080p with no lag.”

That means you can run games at 60fps or higher, which is ideal for competitive gamers.

Lenovo will also offer a ThinkPad X1 Pro with a “multi-display configuration” that includes two screens, as well as a dual-core Core i3 processor.

Lenovo says the convertible models will be available in “one of two configurations.”

That’s right: You can choose between a 13″ screen or a 15.5″ screen, depending on your needs.

The 13″ model costs $1 of your purchase and comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU.

Lenovo said the 15.3″-inch model will cost $1 less, but we have no idea how much more the 15″ version will cost.

The 15.1″ model will also cost $2 less than the 13.7″ model, but is more powerful, has better speakers, and is more comfortable.

Lenovo is also rolling out a new “portable” model.

It has a 15″ screen for $499, and comes in two configurations: “portability” and “portal.”

You get a 13-inch screen with 1024×768 resolution, up to 512GB of DDR4 RAM, and an optional USB Type C port for $899.

That sounds like a lot, but there are a few caveats.

The laptop ships with only 256GB of onboard storage, which could make it a bit difficult to store a

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