Google’s Android mobile operating system could be worth $30B by 2019

Android mobile OS is one of the most important tech trends in the next decade.

We’re seeing new Android mobile devices and we’re seeing OEMs and developers embracing it to push the technology forward, and Google has been very proactive in getting Android into hands.

The company has seen its Android Mobile platform gain traction over the past couple of years, and it seems to be gaining more and more traction with OEMs.

In September, Google released Android M, which is the company’s first major update since the release of Android 4.2.

With Android M and Android 7.0, the company has finally put its latest OS in a position to be a major player in the mobile market.

Android has also seen its share of apps released, and as a result, the platform has seen a spike in usage and market share.

Android 7 will bring a slew of new features to Android and will add support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE and USB Type-C to Android smartphones and tablets.

Android will also be getting a new Google Assistant feature, which will allow developers to use the technology in more ways.

This will also make Android an even more viable platform for Google to monetize their apps.

With a massive growth in Android usage and adoption, Google is poised to become a major force in the smartphone market.

But how will Android make up for all of its losses?

It’s not as if Android lost the battle to Apple in terms of software and services.

Apple is still dominant in the phone market, and Android is still the top mobile operating platform for mobile devices.

What will the Android 7 upgrade bring to Android?

As we mentioned earlier, Android 7 is a major upgrade to Android.

This update will be more of an overhaul than the previous version, but it will bring improvements to the Android OS, as well as a number of other features.

For starters, Android now supports a more unified API, called the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

This means that it is easier for developers to integrate Android apps with iOS, and a number have been doing just that.

For example, in 2018, we published an article detailing how Apple made its own Android-based Siri assistant available to developers.

With this update, Google will be able to include an AOSP API in Android devices, which allows developers to include Google Assistant into their apps without having to include any native code.

Google has also added support for multiple languages on Android.

Android devices can now access Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, and other content from all of these apps.

Google is also adding support for an additional language for developers: Japanese.

This new language will make it easier for Android developers to add additional languages to their apps to ensure they don’t run into any language limitations.

What do these new features mean for Android?

We’ll start with Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is a great tool for mobile users, and with the Android platform, it makes sense to add it to Android devices as a part of Android M. Google says that this update will support the Android Assistant app in Android.

Google’s assistant will have a much bigger user base, and we’ll see this app become a more useful tool for many users.

With Google Assistant on Android, it will also allow developers a much easier time in integrating Google’s voice-enabled services into their Android apps.

This allows users to control their devices using voice commands, which makes it much easier to use voice assistants on the go.

As Google’s Assistant gets better and better at integrating with the operating system, more developers will be adding the ability for their apps and services to communicate with Google.

The ability to send and receive data through Google’s own servers means that apps and other services will be much more efficient and efficient at getting notifications when users interact with them.

Google will also continue to add support to more Google services, including Maps, Gmail, Calendar, Photos, and more.

The Google Play Store is also getting a major overhaul.

The app store is now one of Google’s biggest revenue streams.

This means more Android devices will be available to download for free, and users will be less reliant on a monthly subscription to keep their apps updated.

Google also says that they will be releasing a number more Android apps in the coming months.

Google wants Android to become one of its biggest revenue earners, and this update should help that happen.

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