How the Aussie can look as good as the best in the world

Aussie beauty standards are becoming a thing of the past.

The Aussie Beauty Standards Institute is calling for more beauty standards and more transparency, and has launched a campaign to educate the public about what they are and why they are important.

The Institute says the campaign, titled ‘Be Yourself, Be Smart’, is the first step towards a better Aussie lifestyle.

“The ABA has long been the leading body in the country for standards, but it’s only recently that it has been able to put its full weight behind the issue of body image, the way people are judged and the way we treat each other, said Dr Mark Jelinek, ABA chief executive officer.”

It’s a very real problem, and I think it’s time we started addressing it.

“The AOAI says the new campaign will be the largest ever in the nation.”

I think we’ve been really successful in getting a whole range of issues into the public’s consciousness,” Dr Jelineck said.”

But we’re also really trying to educate people, particularly those who are not familiar with body image.

“There’s this belief that if you look good you’re going to be successful in life, but we’ve got to start talking about how you look and how you feel about yourself and what you want.”

The new campaign is being launched on Facebook.

Dr Jelinesk said he would like to see it be shared around the country.

“We want people to feel confident in their own looks, and it should be a safe space for them to say, ‘I don’t care if I’m going to look like a celebrity or not, I want to look good,'” he said.

Dr Jelineks comments come as a new report shows the body image of Australian women is becoming more and more toxic.

A recent report by the National Association of People in Charge of Body Image found women’s bodies are becoming increasingly “overweight” and the body dissatisfaction they experience is increasing.

“What’s really scary is that women are becoming more dissatisfied with their bodies and that body dissatisfaction is becoming a major health issue,” Dr Jasmine Hirst, director of health and wellbeing at the AOA I, told ABC News.

“So we’ve seen that in the last two decades or so, the obesity epidemic has become one of the most pressing health issues that Australia is dealing with.”

Now, as we know that women’s dissatisfaction with their own bodies is increasing, there’s a real need to start to talk about the ways we can work together to make the health of all Australians a priority.

“The survey of more than 300 women aged between 25 and 34 in Victoria found body dissatisfaction was one of three health issues the women felt was most pressing.”

In NSW, the body satisfaction of young women was a focus of the NSW Health Commission’s “I Am My Body” campaign, which is now being piloted in Victoria.”

These are all things that women feel like they need to address.”

In NSW, the body satisfaction of young women was a focus of the NSW Health Commission’s “I Am My Body” campaign, which is now being piloted in Victoria.

The campaign was launched in November, and Dr Hides says it was inspired by the stories of young people who had experienced a body image crisis.

“These young women are the most resilient in the community, they’ve experienced so many life changes and they’ve all got these stories about their experiences with body dissatisfaction,” she said.

The NSW Health Commissioner, Michael Woodcock, said the campaign has had an impact on young people.

“In terms of young adults, it’s one of those things that they can relate to,” he said, “because they’re not yet having the life experiences that young adults have, and they’re feeling more confident in themselves, and this is the kind of thing that can help us to be more resilient in this age of uncertainty.”

He said the NSW campaign was an important first step in creating a national body-image campaign, and hoped to see similar campaigns around the world.

“This is really a national conversation and it’s really important that we continue to work on that,” he added.

“Body-image campaigns in Australia are very much a local issue, and one that has been around for a long time, and as such, we need to be really supportive of that and do everything we can to be supportive of people’s body-esteem and to make sure that we’re doing everything we possibly can to support that.”

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