Microsoft is giving the Chrome remote desktop app a fresh look.

In an interview with CBC News, Microsoft VP of Windows and Devices Ed Bott said that the company is making the Chromium app a lot more intuitive.

The new app will include more features, like adding and removing applications from the Dock and switching between the apps, and it will support new tabs.

You can also access the desktop without leaving the app.

“It’s a very modern and intuitive interface,” Bott said.

“We’re not going to reinvent the wheel.”

Microsoft is also introducing the ability to open tabs in different apps, like the Metro app.

Bott also confirmed that a new tab bar will appear in the app when you’re viewing a webpage.

He said that this will allow you to easily see your tabs on the screen.

You’ll also be able to see the date, time, and address for a webpage, as well as the timezone.

Bott told CBC News that the app will be available to Windows Insiders in April.

You won’t be able play the Windows 10 Store games on Windows 10 when it launches.

You will, however, be able download games to your PC and install them on your device.

You should also see some new features like a redesigned Settings panel and a new app to add contacts to your inbox.

The Chromium developer blog also says that the Windows Store apps will also receive new features and functionality.

You might be wondering what the new apps are called, so let’s go over the changes in more detail.

Chrome Remote Desktop The new Windows 10 desktop apps will have a unified name for it, the Chrome Remote desktop app.

The name comes from the fact that all the tabs are shown together in one window.

The app has been in the works for a while now.

Bott said in February that Microsoft was working on the new desktop app and the team was confident it would be ready for launch in April or May.

“The app will have some great new features in the future,” Bott told us.

“Some of them are really new and exciting.”

For example, the app is going to show you the current webpage in the Dock.

You could also start a new page by tapping the Dock icon.

You would also be notified when the app loads a new webpage.

“There will be more and more great features for this new desktop, so you’ll be seeing them more often,” Bott added.

The developers have also said that they want to give the Chrome app a more modern look.

Bott added that the new look will be better for Windows Insider users.

He told us that the Chrome team will be working with Microsoft to make the app more responsive to Windows 10 users.

It will be easier to use on Windows devices, but Microsoft is not going for the minimalist look that the Chromedrive app was going for.

Instead, the new app looks a bit more modern and sleek.

Bott explained that the team wants the app to look great on all devices.

“This is going back to the old style of the browser,” Bott explained.

“You have your main browser window and you have your window that you interact with and the app and you also have tabs that you have active.”

Microsoft has been working on a Windows 10 upgrade program since 2013.

Bott promised that the software would be upgraded to the latest Windows 10 version in the fall.

He added that Windows 10 Insiders would be able start using the new Chromium desktop app this summer.

He also promised that Windows Insulators would be getting new apps, features, and features in their inbox and on their PCs.

Windows 10 Insider program is a major feature that Microsoft offers to Windows Insider testers, meaning that the user will get updates from the company that will help them upgrade their computers to Windows 7, 8, or 10.

If you’re an Insider who wants to download and install a new application, Bott said the app would work on Windows Insoles and PCs.

He did not say which Insiders will get the new Chrome Remote app, but he said it will be accessible for Windows Insider users who have the new browser and Windows 10.

Microsoft said that if you want to download the new chrome app, you will need to update your Windows 10 PC to the new version.

You also will need a valid email address.

Bott declined to elaborate on which Windows Insides and PCs will get to use the new software, but the company said it was going to make it available to everyone.

Windows Insists, on the other hand, are limited to PCs that have the Windows Insider program.

You must be a Microsoft Insider to download or install the new program, and you must be signed in with your Microsoft account to get it.

The Windows 10 preview of the new Windows Remote Desktop app is out now.

The Chrome Remote desktops will be the first to get the app, Bott told TechRadar.

The team also said they will launch the new feature in early April.

Microsoft is planning to release the new web-based Chrome Remote program as a standalone app for Windows 10 in early May.

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