A few of my favorite photos of the 2016 campaign: ‘We’re gonna go back to work’

On a crisp afternoon in late July, Hillary Clinton’s campaign office is a gleaming white brick building in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood.

There are two campaign offices, one in a former factory and another in a warehouse, in the former.

The former office houses the campaign’s digital infrastructure and the former warehouse house the campaigns headquarters.

A long, white door to the warehouse leads to a vast outdoor area, with the entrance to the former office blocked off with a steel fence.

Inside, a tall, well-stocked bar sits on a high-ceilinged white floor.

The bar is stocked with beer, wine, soft drinks and pastries, and it’s filled with a collection of campaign paraphernalia, from campaign hats to bumper stickers and campaign buttons.

It’s a perfect place to relax after a long day of campaigning.

But in the meantime, the candidate’s campaign has taken the warehouse for itself.

There’s a huge mural of Clinton on the wall, and a framed campaign poster hangs from a ladder above the bar.

On the wall is a picture of the campaign headquarters, and in the background is a large sign reading “Our Revolution: The Future is Possible.”

The campaign is a real-time organization with thousands of volunteers across the country.

Clinton’s team has an office just outside of Brooklyn, where they’re also working on a presidential primary in New Hampshire.

A volunteer walks by and takes a picture, and another woman says, “Hey, that’s a great picture.

I love that.”

The candidate’s office is home to more than 30,000 people, many of whom are volunteers and campaign staffers.

The campaign has also hired staffers to manage the campaign website and the campaign social media accounts.

Clinton has worked in the office for several years, and the building is home mostly to her campaign staff, though the office is also used by other staffers and volunteer coordinators.

The office is one of the most heavily trafficked spaces in the campaign, with hundreds of people filling in for volunteers every day.

“This is the only building where you can get all of your information on the internet, you can access all of the social media feeds, you’re going to be able to get everything,” said one volunteer who works at the campaign office.

There is a big sign outside of the office reading “Hillary for America,” a reference to Clinton’s bid to be the first female president.

It is a sign that Clinton has spent her entire career running for president, and that she will spend her entire political career working for her campaign.

But, at the same time, the campaign is one big, sprawling operation.

The building itself is an old warehouse that is about as large as the entire New York City subway system, which is also home to thousands of people.

The space is about six by eight feet, and has about 1,000 chairs, a table, a bar, a projector, and shelves stacked with campaign paraphenalia.

The room is also full of campaign literature, posters, and campaign paraphens.

The staff and volunteers in the building are not allowed to have phones or laptops, but they can work on computers in the conference room or on the phones at the offices.

It also is a place where volunteers can interact with other volunteers and have meetings.

The candidates office is staffed with about 25 people, and Clinton is the highest-ranking campaign staffer, with about 10 people at her headquarters.

Most of the staffers have never worked in politics before, but some have spent time in the Democratic Party.

“I don’t have a lot of experience in the field, but I have a passion for politics and I’ve never worked on campaigns before,” said Kristina Schiller, a former Sanders campaign staffer who now works for Clinton’s New Hampshire campaign.

“And I think this is a great place to really be part of this organization, to really learn the ropes.”

The office has its own Twitter account, and there are more than 15,000 followers on the account.

The Brooklyn office also has a Facebook page, where the campaign and supporters can post updates, and they are also on Instagram.

In addition to the office and social media, the building has an elevator and a small conference room where Clinton and her staff can sit down and talk politics.

But the office itself is home only to the campaign staff.

Staff and volunteers work around the clock to run the campaign.

The organization has an automated messaging system that can be used to send emails to people who have signed up for the campaign email list, and to coordinate volunteers with the campaign when they need to reach out to supporters or donors.

The campaigns office also hosts an online community, and several staffers are part of the organization’s digital team.

The headquarters office is open to the public and open to everyone, with no restrictions.

Clinton is also a frequent visitor to the building, though she is usually out in public for meetings and to socialize with people.

“There’s a lot going

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