When does this TV show return?

The return of The Bachelor: ABC’s latest reality competition is in full swing, with all contestants getting back to work in a brand new series that is being produced by The Bachelor producers and stars, along with the show’s producer, Ben Higgins. 

Bachelor in Paradise, the show that started in 2017 and is currently running for four seasons, returns this season with an eight-episode, five-night marathon, but unlike the previous seasons, it is not a spin-off.

The Bachelor: Bachelor in Paradise returns to ABC on Monday, March 25 at 9:00pm (local time) on ABC.

This is the first time since The Bachelor debuted in 2019 that Bachelor contestants will have been on the show for a full season. 

ABC has said it is looking to expand on the brand and “create an exciting new Bachelor in the future”.

“This is a fresh start for the ABC, and we are committed to making it a top-quality series that we will all enjoy and look forward to,” ABC TV Head of Programming Jody Morris said.

“The Bachelor has a rich history and we look forward for fans to look forward and to see what new challenges they are up against in this exciting new season.”

In the past, Bachelor contestants have returned for a three-week break during the winter months to recuperate and work on their game, but the new season will not see them working as part of the Bachelor’s production team.

ABC is also moving on from its past Bachelor in Australia, which aired in 2019 and was one of the most successful reality series of all time, producing more than two million viewers.

Bachelor: Bachelor: New Year in 2020 returns to TV on ABC in 2019.

After its return, Bachelor producers Ben Higgins and Lisa Wilkinson will also be making their return to the ABC this season, along as the hosts and producers of the new series.

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