Why the new Netflix app is so bad for everyone

The new Netflix streaming app for Android and iOS is bad for all users.

Netflix will get rid of its “best of” section on its homepage, and users will be redirected to its own curated video catalog rather than the curated content that it has been using for years.

It’s the first time that Netflix has made a move that directly affects the way users browse its apps.

And it’s a step backwards for the streaming service.

Netflix’s app is now the one people are actually searching for and searching for the content they want, not the curated video on Netflix’s own website.

Netflix has been trying to make the experience of streaming video better for years, with an app that has been the go-to streaming video platform for millions of people.

But the company has been slow to make this switch, and its biggest move was a move to stream movies directly from Netflix in 2012.

It was the best option available to Netflix customers.

The problem with this change was that Netflix users were unable to easily access the content on their own website, but now Netflix will only show videos directly from its own catalog, not from other sources like Google’s Play Movies and TV app.

Netflix users have long complained about the quality of the streaming videos they were seeing on its website.

And the new app changes the experience for everyone by making it harder for Netflix users to find and search for the videos they want.

If you search for “The Great Wall” on Netflix and the results show “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” the first thing you’ll see is a YouTube video of a clip of a short animated sequence of clips.

In the Netflix catalog, the video you’ll get will be the original version of that clip.

If it was from an independent production, the original clip would be the one that appeared in the video.

But if it was a movie from Netflix’s catalog, it’ll show the video as the movie that appears in the Netflix catalogue.

Netflix is the first to make such a move.

It’ll be the first major streaming video service to have a “best” section that redirects users to a curated video collection rather than a curated site.

This is the biggest change to the way people watch video, and it has the potential to disrupt the way streaming video is watched by millions of Netflix customers around the world.

Netflix wants to make a huge difference for the streamers and their families.

Netflix says it’s trying to “create a smarter, better experience for consumers.”

This change makes sense.

The best of Netflix content is a collection of movies and TV shows.

The “best videos” section of the Netflix app lets users search for that content on its own website and find it in the curated videos section.

If users don’t like the content, they can remove it from the list of curated videos and watch it in their own personalized video section.

Netflix said it is also adding an option for people to view “the best of” video from other Netflix catalogs.

This has always been the default feature on its home page, and Netflix users can access their favorites list by clicking the “top movies” tab and selecting the other Netflix videos that they want to watch.

But with the change to its “top videos,” people will have to go to Netflix’s home page and select the video they want from the curated playlist.

Netflix already shows users curated videos, but the curated section will no longer be displayed in the home screen.

Netflix also made the decision to make its own videos more appealing.

The Netflix app on the iPhone and iPad has long been an easy way for users to search for and view video content.

But Netflix has slowly introduced more curated video content to its iOS and Android apps over the years, but its main focus has always seemed to be its original content.

The new redesign of the homepage makes it harder to find content in Netflix’s curated section.

There’s also no way to search directly for Netflix videos directly on the home page.

Users are redirected to Netflix.com, the Netflix home page where they can search for video content and then view it on their home screens.

This new design also makes it more difficult for users who search for Netflix content on Google Play to find it on Netflix.

This redesign also makes Google Play the first place that people will find and view Netflix content, which makes it much more difficult to find curated content on the other platforms that Netflix uses to distribute its content.

There is also no option to watch videos directly directly from the Netflix site on Android and the iOS App Store.

This change means that users will have a much harder time finding content they actually want.

People will be more likely to choose the “best movies” section if they know that they’ll be watching a movie they don’t want to see.

There will also be fewer people who will have access to the curated collections on YouTube, Netflix’s streaming video app, and other streaming video services.

The redesign will make it harder and harder for users of these platforms to find a curated

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