Windows 10 gets a new look, a new interface, a fresh interface

Updated May 10, 2018 10:50:52Windows 10 is getting a new design and a new feel.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that it’s new.

But Microsoft is taking some cues from Apple, as well.

Windows 10 got a new logo, a redesigned user interface and some other tweaks, and it’s also getting a redesigned desktop experience.

Microsoft has even redesigned the Start menu and the Start button to fit the new look.

It’s also moving away from the old, traditional Start button that had its original icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Windows users will notice that they’re getting a lot more customization and a lot of new features, but that’s mostly because the company is making changes that make Windows 10 more like Apple’s OS X.

Here are a few of the most important changes that are new:Microsoft has made the Start screen and the desktop more similar to iOS and Android, which has been a big reason why Microsoft chose to keep the OS as a separate operating system.

Windows 7 users won’t notice any major changes, but there are a couple of things that users should be aware of.

Windows has an interface that looks similar to Apple’s iOS or Android OSes.

In other words, it feels more like an OS and less like a desktop operating system like Windows 10.

Windows 8 users will see a different interface that’s more like the classic Windows Start menu, but it’s not nearly as modern.

The Windows 8 Start menu has been redesigned to look like Windows 7’s, but the design is still familiar.

Windows 8 users should expect to see similar design changes, too.

Windows Phone 8 users won, too, with the phone getting a slightly different look that’s very reminiscent of Android.

The phone is now smaller, but Microsoft’s designers made sure to keep Windows Phone 8’s familiar look and feel.

The Start menu looks like it was designed for the phone, and the system tray is now centered on the phone.

Windows will have a more familiar interface than Windows 8, but this is a good thing because it means that Windows 8 will be more familiar to new users.

Users can still easily customize their settings on the Start and Desktop, but now the Start Menu will have more options.

Windows now has a Start menu tile, which is the part of the Start interface that the phone sits on.

The tiles can be resized, and Windows 10 users can easily customize them.

The Start menu also has a notification area that Windows 7 users used to see when their phone was locked.

Now, Windows 10 can have an app icon or an app name for each app that it uses.

Users can also access Windows apps from the Windows Start and Control Center.

Microsoft is also allowing users to share files between the phone and computer.

The Desktop interface is getting some new looks.

The taskbar, taskbar-style windows and desktop are getting new icons and a cleaner design.

The system tray and other system elements are getting a similar look.

Windows still has the same Start menu layout, but Windows 10 has changed it so that you can see more information at once.

This allows you to see the full size of the taskbar and desktop, and there’s a small icon at the bottom of the desktop.

Windows on the desktop can be customized by choosing the different color themes for the desktop and the taskbars.

Microsoft also tweaked the look of the system and desktop notifications so that it no longer resembles a typical Windows notification box.

You can now customize the notifications by choosing one of the three different notification styles.

The notifications are now centered in the system bar.

There are also new features that you’ll be able to see in Windows 10 later this month.

One of the new features is a new Windows 10 taskbar that can be accessed by double-clicking a button on the right side of the device.

Windows apps will show up in a new “Windows Store” section in the task bar, but they’ll also show up on the task and taskbar bars of other Windows devices.

This means that users won:The system bar and desktop will be updated to a more contemporary look.

The taskbar will get a more modern design.

Microsoft has updated the Start bar to include a new navigation bar that lets you scroll through your apps on the PC.

It’ll also get an icon for your taskbar at the top of the Windows app menu.

The app bar is also getting more functionality.

Microsoft says it’ll be easier for users to manage and access the apps in the Windows Store.

Microsoft is also giving users the ability to manage their personal settings on Windows 10 and Windows Phone, so if you don’t want to use your personal settings for other purposes, you’ll now be able use them on Windows.

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